How Stress and Cortisol Affect Belly Fat, Protein Powder

What is up with my belly fat? This is normally a place I don’t ever gain – weird I know but this round my belly looks like well….a belly dammit. While I wouldn’t say I had a flat stomach when I started Fat diminisher program, what I did have was a pooch. Now I have a full-blown stomach – top to bottom out there belly.

Belly FatWe read so much about stress and cortisol and belly fat, and they all relate. Well, wonders never cease, “they” are finally right I do think. Work has been stressful, home has been stressful, and it just seems like I can never get a break. Not to mention an upcoming mammogram (after last year’s scare I think I will forever more dread these). Stress has kind of taken over my life. And I have always been a stress eater.

I have been working out great and feel ok, but I think all this stress is layering itself around my mid-section like a blanket of fluff. I noticed it today in the mirror and thought DAMN it seems like that belly just popped right out – like someone instantly inserted a volleyball where there used to be a nice little 6-pack ab thing going on.

Well, the good news is I’m trying the Fat Diminisher system and the entire bliss go pack. I’m hoping that it is perhaps not a magic pill but maybe a little help in the stress factor – things I cannot control. I have also been on track eating for the last two weeks. So things that are in my control I’ve been controlling as best I can.

I now also have a deadline which typically is a good thing for me. I usually work well under stress; we shall see if things haven’t changed. But I have an upcoming girls beach vacation in September. Yeah and I’m the youngest one – me at 52 SIL at 58 and her friend at 69. I’m going to beat this rebound, and I am determined not to take this flab with me on vacation – IT’S NOT INVITED.

So hopefully I have things stacked in my favor and with a bit more determination in a deadline – I WILL SUCCEED to purge myself of this volleyball of fluff.

There is so much research now to support what you are experiencing, so many factors, though. Food inflammation and food chemicals are a huge factor too. We all have to experiment with foods. I have weird food reactions and even food allergies, and it seems to get worse with me as I age.

I noticed when I took protein powder out of my diet my tummy went down a lot. Hopefully, this phase will pass. If you’re crazy stressed, I’d get more sleep and take an extra rest day until you are back to normal. I know from experience too much exercise only adds to the stress!

Did some research on the protein powder thing because without it I get like 30 g of protein a day – way too little. It seems if you use it as a meal replacement you won’t gain weight – if you use it as a meal supplement, you may gain weight. I use it as a replacement, and I always count the calories so perhaps I can keep it in my¬†Fat Diminisher diet. If nothing changes with good deficit eating for three weeks (if I can stay consistent that long) I will drop it off. I simply have too much of it in my cupboard right now and don’t want to waste it either.

It seems like we gave birth to twin bellies. Sounds exactly like what I am going through right now. I have lost 6 pounds this week – my usual whoosh when eating is right again. Hope to keep it consistent, so those don’t come back, and perhaps I can make a dent in this belly bulge.