About Us

The History of the Allied Giants

The Allied Giants guild was born in early 1996 in the land of Athas in the AD&D game “Darksun Online – The Crimson Sands” on TEN, The Entertainment Network. Many of us played other games for short periods of time, but Athas was always home base.

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The Allied Giants of Athas were a group of half-giants dedicated to helping one another and giving assistance to players who were in need. The AGs remained neutral and did not participate in the guild wars between goods and evils.

Originally led by Guild Master Hatchet who founded the guild with other Co-Founders, the AGs became a very strong force in the land of Athas. Their generosity and kindness attracted evils that lurked in the land and they tried to hunt the AGs to extinction. They did not prevail. For a very long time the AGs remained one of the strongest forces that roamed the lands of Athas.

The old Darksun days were filled with glory and fun. Then dark days came. Guild Master Hatchet tried to break up the Guild for unknown reasons. The Guild faced a very powerful foe, but they stood strong and refused to be destroyed. The guild voted Hatchet out and it was run for a while by the 3 co-leaders, Myles, Que and Hope. After a time, an election was held and the guild elected Myles as the new GM. Myles accepted the challenge and started rebuilding one of the greatest guilds to ever walk the sands of Athas.

As time passed some members grew weary and bored with Athas. Many tried other games and walked in other lands. Some were fun, but never rivaled the love the guild felt for Darksun. In February of 1999 a few AGs started to beta test a new land called Norrath in a game named Everquest. Word went out to the rest of the guild about its many wonders. It was a huge world that promised to get even bigger. It had much to learn and was full of many beautiful and exciting places to explore. It had enough quests to do and monsters to conquer to keep the guild busy for a very long time. AGs came in droves. Many returned that had not played in a very long time. The Allied Giants had found a new home.

For almost 2 years the AGs grew and prospered and called the Karana server home, with Myles as GM. In December of 2000 it was decided to split to a new server, Ayonae Ro. Myles retired as GM and Que took over. He appointed Airwolf as his AGM. They were assisted by the Council.

The guild almost doubled in size with the move to Ayonae Ro. It did not take long for trouble to crop up, and a few people left the guild. The guild grew stronger. Over the next year the guild had several ups and downs as new problems cropped up. The guild survived each one. By the end of 2001 new problems had surfaced and many people took breaks or left to join other guilds.

Que resigned as GM and took an extended break from Everquest. He appointed Airwolf as the new GM. She picked Jarn as her assistant GM. For many months the guild was a smaller, quieter place. Peace reigned.

Then slowly the guild began to grow again. Members that had left for other guilds asked to return, and most were accepted back. Members on breaks returned. New recruits were accepted. The guild grew stronger. In late 2002 Que returned and was appointed by Airwolf as AGM.

Now as we enter 2003, the Allied Giants are stronger than ever before in their 7 year history. Many members have been with us since the old DarkSun days. Many more have joined us along the way. Many of the Allied Giants are friends or family in real life. We are a group of players who enjoy playing and having fun and helping each other, as well as other players across all the many lands of Norrath.