How Stress and Cortisol Affect Belly Fat, Protein Powder

What is up with my belly fat? This is normally a place I don’t ever gain – weird I know but this round my belly looks like well….a belly dammit. While I wouldn’t say I had a flat stomach when I started Fat diminisher program, what I did have was a pooch. Now I have a full-blown stomach – top to bottom out there belly.

Belly FatWe read so much about stress and cortisol and belly fat, and they all relate. Well, wonders never cease, “they” are finally right I do think. Work has been stressful, home has been stressful, and it just seems like I can never get a break. Not to mention an upcoming mammogram (after last year’s scare I think I will forever more dread these). Stress has kind of taken over my life. And I have always been a stress eater.

I have been working out great and feel ok, but I think all this stress is layering itself around my mid-section like a blanket of fluff. I noticed it today in the mirror and thought DAMN it seems like that belly just popped right out – like someone instantly inserted a volleyball where there used to be a nice little 6-pack ab thing going on.

Well, the good news is I’m trying the Fat Diminisher system and the entire bliss go pack. I’m hoping that it is perhaps not a magic pill but maybe a little help in the stress factor – things I cannot control. I have also been on track eating for the last two weeks. So things that are in my control I’ve been controlling as best I can.

I now also have a deadline which typically is a good thing for me. I usually work well under stress; we shall see if things haven’t changed. But I have an upcoming girls beach vacation in September. Yeah and I’m the youngest one – me at 52 SIL at 58 and her friend at 69. I’m going to beat this rebound, and I am determined not to take this flab with me on vacation – IT’S NOT INVITED.

So hopefully I have things stacked in my favor and with a bit more determination in a deadline – I WILL SUCCEED to purge myself of this volleyball of fluff.

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African Mango Plus Review

Welcome to my African Mango Plus review where I will share my opinion on this very popular weight loss product.

African Mango products have been gaining immense popularity lately, however, does African Mango Plus stand out from the other products?

What Is AM Plus?

AM products are all based on the plant extract ‘irvingia gabonensis’, which can be found deep in Cameroon.

For centuries, the locals here used ‘irvingia gabonensis’ to help them increase their energy, health and help them lose weight quickly.

AM Plus takes this to a whole new level by combining unique and patented ingredients to the already successful weight loss product.

In fact, with Plus you also get a lifetime membership to the powerful weight loss program completely free of charge. This is extremely high quality and has been shown to help shed fat by itself.

You also get a full 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t feel the product isn’t helping you feel great!

As well as the powerful benefits listed above, African Mango Plus can help you in several other ways.

By increasing your metabolism, it helps you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. When this happens, you will burn even more fat.

Pure African Mango FruitIn fact, clinical studies have found that it is possible to lose up to 14lbs in a four-week period when consuming this supplement.

The appetite suppressant properties in this product also ensure you don’t feel tempted to eat anything that could potentially ruin your progress.

AM Plus also helps you fight fatigue, which is strongly associated with fat storage.

These are just a few of the benefits related to the product. Not only will you lose weight when taking this but you will feel great while doing it, as well as increasing your overall health and fitness!


I must stress that while African Mango Plus is a very great weight loss product it is primarily only a supplement.

If you want to lose weight, then you must take it in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

You can still lose pounds simply by using African Mango by itself, although you will lose far more weight in a shorter period of time by adding a diet and exercise routine.

Where To Buy?

As you can see from this review, we are huge fans of African Mango Plus because of the fantastic results people are seeing. You can have these results too!

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight quickly and effectively, then we highly recommend you check it out.

A Little Observation About Instant Gratification

I know that people in today’s society are spoiled and want everything handed to them. Instant gratification. Which is part of why we are all here, at Venus, needing to do something about our bodies. I’ve read some blogs/posts, and some are great, others make me think, WTF. If people are looking for complete hand-holding, they are at the wrong place.

And guess what, they’ll find somebody to hold their hands and take their money and they will lose weight. But guess what, they’ll be right back where they are now in a few years.

The Venus Factor gives us all of the tools we need. We each need to learn how to feed ourselves daily. That means, explore your grocery store, quit being so freaking lazy people. And people who have had no results, well, I’d bet money, they aren’t paying nearly as good of attention to their intake calories as they say/think.

I’ve been on so many diets in my life. I don’t have a goal to get into a bikini in a few months for some event. I want to get fit for life, which is why I love Venus so much. This is helping me learn how to live my life completely fulfilled.

And the short cuts…sheesh. Read the materials. They do tell you everything you need to know. The only real problems I’ve had is navigating the web-site. However, the stuff I really need (workout videos) I can find quite easily.

I would be a liar if I said I never bought into that nonsense, but I have learned… nothing is handed to anyone for free. You have to earn your progress. And this program IS, in my opinion, as simple as it gets. You just got to do the work!

I thought I’d pop in to say hi and to congratulate everyone for coming to a place where the truth reigns over all and the ladies are kind and the guys are brilliant.

I must say though that the weirdest part of this journey – is the impact that changing your body and your lifestyle has over the trajectory of your life. Once you build the momentum and things start happening… wowzers — so many other things will happen too. It did for me.

My transformation started in 2009 but this has been an epic life long journey. I released 50 unsightly and unwanted pounds and they haven’t come back! I currently bounce around within 3-6lbs of my lowest weight and I’m pretty okay with that. I may take it to the ‘next’ level at some point – but for now I’m just happy to do my thing… live the life of balance and teach my children that there is no such thing as a bad food – but that all food has a healthy dose.

The devil is in the dose ladies. I’ve been hearing this all my life – but it took me having two kids and hitting my all-time high in weight to start listening. Now that I’ve turned on my ‘listening ears’ (yes – I’m a mom … and yes… I’ve used that phrase one too many times in my life) … I will forever remember that ‘calories in vs. calories out’– is the only way to manage your diet.

Stay focused. Stay determined. Keep active. Stay true the process and results will come.

Anyway, learn to take care of yourselves, fellow Venuses. Nobody else can/will do nearly as good a job.